Who created the mobile shelving system?

21 Jul 2023

Who created the mobile shelving system?

To begin with, a few details about the origins of the mobile shelving system. This system was invented and developed by several engineers and companies specializing in the field of storage and storage. Although there is no specific recognized inventor for this system, numerous companies have contributed to its development and improvement over time.

These companies, such as Montel, Spacefile, Rousseau and others, have brought innovations and technological solutions to create efficient and functional mobile shelving systems. They have invested in research and development to improve the characteristics and performance of these systems, adapting them to the increasingly complex needs of the warehousing and logistics industry.

Engineers from these companies addressed the specific challenges of storage and storage, such as space optimization, operational efficiency and quick access to goods. By applying their knowledge in mechanical engineering, construction and technology, they have developed mobile shelving systems capable of providing efficient solutions for storage and storage in a dynamic environment.

Mobile shelving system – a versatile and efficient solution

The mobile shelving system has been designed to provide a versatile and efficient solution for organizing and accessing goods in a limited space. In this article, we will present all the necessary information about this type of system, from their operation and benefits to key aspects to consider before implementing them.

How do mobile shelving systems work?

Mobile shelving systems are racks mounted on rails that allow their lateral movement. They can be operated either manually or by means of an electrical system. By simply operating the mechanism, the shelves are moved to the sides, thus freeing aisles between them to facilitate access to the goods. This efficient approach maximizes the use of storage space and allows for higher storage density compared to traditional static shelving systems.

What are the benefits of using mobile shelving systems?

Optimization of storage space

Mobile shelving systems allow to maximize the use of available space. When access to certain shelves is not required, they can be moved sideways, creating additional space for handling or storage.

Versatility of the storage system

Another major advantage of mobile shelving systems lies in their versatility. The aisles can be adjusted and adapted according to the specific needs of the warehouse or stored products. This flexibility allows the system to be adapted to changes in volume or to the specific requirements of certain goods stored.

Easy access to goods

Mobile shelving systems allow quick and easy access to goods. By simply moving the shelves to the side, employees can reach the desired goods without having to go through several aisles or perform complex maneuvers.

Maximizing operational efficiency

The use of mobile shelving systems reduces the time and effort required to find and handle goods. This leads to maximum operational efficiency with a faster workflow and a reduction in human error. Employees can work more efficiently and manage more tasks in a specific time segment.

What are some key aspects to consider before implementing mobile shelving systems?

Assessment of needs and available space

It is important to carefully assess the specific needs of the warehouse and analyze the available space to determine the dimensions and capacity of the mobile shelving system. Depending on the type and size of stored goods, as well as the volume of storage, you will need to choose the right system.

Durability and safety

Make sure that the mobile shelving system you opt for is durable and durable, able to withstand the weight and specific stresses of stored goods. Also, consider safety aspects, such as the locking system to prevent accidental movement of shelves or safety systems to protect employees.

Proper implementation and training of employees

It is important to turn to qualified professionals for the installation and implementation of the mobile shelving system. Ensure that employees are properly trained in the correct use and handling of the system, including knowledge of safety procedures and its limitations.

System maintenance and service

To ensure their functionality in optimal parameters, mobile shelving systems require regular maintenance and periodic checks. In order to receive technical support and ensure the proper functioning of the system in the long term, it is recommended to conclude a service contract with the supplier or manufacturer of the mobile shelving system

Are you a company looking for an efficient solution for storage in a dynamic environment? Mobile shelving systems are an efficient and versatile solution for storing and storing goods in a limited space. We have seen that they bring significant benefits, such as space optimization, flexibility in adapting to specific needs and easy access to goods. We also showed how important it is that before implementing a mobile shelving system, you assess the needs of the warehouse, analyze the available space and consider the aspects of durability, safety and maintenance. Through proper implementation and proper training of employees, mobile shelving systems can help improve operational efficiency and optimize workflow in your warehouse.

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