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1. Consulting

Your company has specific needs. We provide you with experts in the field of storage and storage, who will guide you in the process of identifying the ideal solutions.

Benefit from a detailed assessment of your storage requirements, taking into account factors such as space available, product volume, product type and operational requirements. Based on this information, we identify and recommend the optimal solutions to meet your needs.

Our specialists will guide you through the selection process, introducing you to the different options available, such as shelving systems, conveyor systems and other storage and storage solutions.

We take into account your budget, operational efficiency and the pace of your company’s development to ensure you choose the right solutions in the long term.

2. Design

We work closely with you to understand your company’s specific requirements and identify ideal solutions. We develop innovative concepts and present detailed design plans.

Using the latest design technologies and software, we create accurate layouts and drawings that help you visualize clearly and in detail what your proposed storage and storage system will look like. We consider aspects such as the shelving system, space organization, optimized workflow, ergonomics and safety.

We offer expert advice and recommendations to ensure you get the most efficient and functional storage and storage system.

3. Implementation

We ensure that our solutions are implemented correctly. We coordinate the process of installing, assembling and assembling storage and storage systems, ensuring that all components are properly integrated and that the system is operating at full capacity.

During implementation, we ensure efficient time and resource management, minimizing any disruptions to your current activities. Our installation team has experience in working with different types of equipment and systems, which allows us to successfully manage projects of various sizes and complexities.

We check and test the functionality, safety and efficiency of the system, and if necessary, make adjustments or improvements to ensure you get the results you want.

4. Inspection

We carry out regular technical inspections of racking systems.

The purpose of the inspections is to ascertain the technical condition of the constructive elements and accessories that compose the racking systems. We carry out these inspections regardless of the warranty term, which are mandatory according to the guarantee period. EN15635/2008, the standard on “Steel Storage Systems – Applications and Maintenance of Storage Equipment”.
The result of the inspection may be a proposal of our company to repair damaged elements.

Because in Romania there are no regulated inspections of shelves and their interval, they represent an optional service, adapted to the specifics of your activity.

Our inspection team consists of experienced specialists certified in the evaluation of storage and storage systems. We check the integrity of the structure, load capacity, safety, accessibility and compliance with regulations and standards in force.

Based on our inspection, we provide a detailed report highlighting any possible deficiencies, risks or improvements in the storage and storage system. We provide customized recommendations and solutions to fix identified issues and optimize system performance and safety.

By conducting a regular inspection of your storage and storage system, you can identify and prevent potential malfunctions or risks that may generate losses in the company.

This inspection can be useful in the context of complying with regulations and standards specific to your industry.

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About Warehouse Design Systems

We specialize in providing innovative and efficient storage solutions for Romanian companies that want to maximize their productivity.

Headquartered in the beautiful city of Arad with offices in Timisoara and Bucharest, we are strategically positioned to serve customers across the country.

Our storage solutions

The high-performance storage solutions offered by Warehouse Design Systems are indispensable in today’s competitive business environment. These solutions bring multiple advantages for companies, starting with optimizing the available space. By using efficient warehouse systems, Warehouse Design Systems maximizes space and minimizes loss of unused space.
In addition, these solutions lead to a significant improvement in operational efficiency, reducing the time and effort required to manage assets. Warehouse Design Systems integrates modern technology for inventory monitoring and management, enabling companies to respond quickly to customer requirements and improve overall workflow.

Last but not least, another benefit of high-performance storage solutions is cost reduction by optimizing space and reducing the risk of damage and loss of goods. These solutions also contribute to customer satisfaction by ensuring prompt delivery and top quality service. Warehouse Design Systems is committed to providing high-performance storage solutions tailored to your specific needs, thus contributing to the success and growth of your business.

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