Special storage systems

Cantilever systems for long products

Cantilever systems for long products are designed for storing long loads, such as beams, pipes and wood, and offer an efficient solution for handling them. The shelves are designed to allow the use of lifting systems such as trolleys and material handling machines with special accessories.

The structure of the system consists of columns with a vertical beam and one or two horizontal beams at the base, which provide stability. On these columns are mounted a series of brackets, on which the load is placed. The columns are made of hot-rolling metal beams with variable heights, which allows adaptation to specific needs. In addition, the design of the system allows loads to be mounted on one side of the structure or on both sides, providing flexibility in organizing the warehouse.

This storage solution is ideal for businesses working with long and bulky loads, such as construction plants, building materials warehouses, woodworking centers, or any other business that handles and stores such materials. The specialized shelving system ensures efficient organization and easy accessibility to loads, facilitating handling operations and reducing the time and effort required to search and pick them up.

Advantages of cantilever systems for long products

• Easy to assemble;
• Structure of great simplicity and strength;
• All elements involved fit easily and allow excellent mobility;

What other types of economic activities are Cantilever systems suitable for long products?

As already mentioned, Cantilever systems are ideal for storing and handling long products such as beams, pipes, wood, panels, metal profiles and other similar materials. They are suitable for a number of economic activities, including:

• Construction industry. Cantilever systems are commonly used in the construction industry for the efficient storage and management of long building materials such as metal beams, pipes or profiles. These systems facilitate quick and safe access to necessary materials, reducing the time and effort required for handling.

• Warehouses and distribution centers. For warehouses and distribution centers handling long products, Cantilever systems offer a practical solution for organizing and storing these items. They allow easy access to stored products, ensuring an efficient workflow and minimizing the risk of damage.

• Wood industry. Producers and distributors in the wood industry can benefit from using Cantilever systems for efficient storage and handling of different types of wood, such as boards, beams or planks. These systems ensure optimal organization of materials and facilitate quick access to stored products.

• Metallurgical industry. Cantilever systems are also suitable for the metallurgical industry, especially for storing and handling long metal materials such as bars, profiles and pipes. They facilitate organization and access to these materials, ensuring an efficient workflow and reducing search time.

• Retail and DIY centers. Building materials stores, DIY centers or stores specializing in long products can use Cantilever systems to display and organize products efficiently. They facilitate access to products, providing a more pleasant shopping experience for customers.

• Metal-mechanical industry. These systems are useful in storing and handling long metal components, such as rails, profiles, bars and tubes used in the manufacture of industrial machinery and equipment.

• Energy and petrochemical industry. Cantilever systems are used to store and manage equipment and long components used in the energy and petrochemical industries, such as pipelines, pipes and cables.

• Shipping industry. Such systems are essential for storing long materials and components used in shipbuilding and repair, such as steel plates, marine equipment and naval accessories.

• Automotive industry. Cantilever systems are used to store long automotive components such as exhaust pipes, intake pipes, chassis components and other materials used in vehicle manufacturing and assembly.

• Horticultural and agricultural industry. Cantilever systems can be useful in storing and managing long materials used in the horticultural and agricultural industries, such as irrigation pipes, crop support poles and other materials used in agriculture.

• Telecommunications industry. These systems are suitable for storing and organizing long cables and other components used in telecommunications infrastructure, such as pipes, support poles and transmission equipment.

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