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Cardboard Flow gravity racking system

In the case of Cardboard Flow shelving systems, goods slide on roller platforms. This guarantees perfect product rotation, preventing interference during the replenishment and material collection phase. This system increases the speed of order preparation.

The system is designed for warehouse areas with a high volume of order preparation activity, as it increases the number of preparation lines and reduces time losses for unnecessary staff movement during these operations.

Cardboard Flow Systems is a perfect solution for flat-bottomed and rigid unit loads. With the universal connector, Cardboard Flow platforms can be installed on most shelving systems, regardless of brand.

With different variations of unloading methods – regular, 5°, 10° and 15° – the Cardboard Flow shelving system is the best way to increase the pick-up rate up to 150 pick-ups per hour in a safe way. The rate can be increased up to 800 pickups per hour when the Cardboard Flow Racks System is combined with the pick-to-light system.

Advantages of the flow cardboard shelving system

• Perfect rotation of products in the warehouse or distribution center;
• Higher number of references at the front of the shelf;
• Increased storage capacity;

What types of businesses is the Flow Cardboard shelving system best suited for?

The Cardboard Flow shelving system is a product storage and organization solution that allows easy and efficient access of staff to items stored in boxes or cardboard. The flow cardboard shelving system is composed of a series of tracks and rollers, which are tilted at an optimal angle to allow products to move naturally based on gravity. Products are placed on tracks, and when one product is extracted from the front, the other products on the same track move forward to fill the empty space.

• Food retail.
Supermarkets, grocery stores, and other similar businesses can benefit from using cardboard flow shelving systems to organize and display food effectively. The system allows quick and easy refilling of products as they are sold, allowing for a pleasant shopping experience and increased efficiency in inventory management.

• Logistics and distribution.
Companies involved in logistics and distribution can use flow cardboard shelving systems to organize and sort products efficiently in their warehouse centers. These systems facilitate quick access to stored products and reduce the time required to process orders.

• Pharmaceutical industry.
Pharmaceutical companies can benefit from cardboard flow shelving systems for the storage and distribution of medicines and other pharmaceutical products. This type of system allows easy management of drug expiration dates and ensures proper stock rotation to avoid losses due to expiration.

• Electronics and components industry.
Companies in the electronics and components industry can use flow cardboard shelving systems to organize and store small components such as integrated circuits, resistors, capacitors, and others. This system allows easier identification and handling of small products and reduces the risk of damage.

• Auto industry.
Companies in the automotive industry can benefit from flow cardboard shelving systems for storing and managing spare parts and automotive components. These systems facilitate quick access to necessary parts, reduce search time and increase efficiency in the production line.

At your request, our team of experienced engineers will assess the specific needs of your business. The Cardboard Flow system is popular and very versatile, and can be used for a wide range of economic and production activities.

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