Pallet storage systems

Conventional shelving system

The conventional shelving system is the most suitable solution for warehouses where it is necessary to store palletized products with a wide range of types of loads and weights.

The pallets are accessible by material handling machines and loads do not need to be moved or moved to access the positions of other pallets.

The conventional pallet racking storage system is generally arranged with single-entry wall racks on the perimeter sides and double-entry racks in the middle.

The dimensions of the work aisle between each shelf and the height of the shelf depend on the characteristics of forklifts, lifting devices or material handling machines.

The STAMH engineering project will give you the right configuration, depending on the size of the pallet, the height of the warehouse construction, the weight of each pallet and many other variables.

Also, our team of experienced engineers will provide you with the necessary advice on further optimization of storage space.

Advantages of conventional shelving system

• The most widely used pallet racking system worldwide, with proven qualities;
• A very stable construction, which allows direct access to each pallet;
• Perfect stock control – each storage location is dedicated to a specific pallet or SKU;
• Significant improvement of all processes in the warehouse after installation;
• Maximum adaptability to any type of load, both in terms of weight and volume.

What types of businesses are conventional pallet racking from Warehouse Design Systems suitable for?

Conventional pallet racking is an efficient and practical solution for organizing and managing storage space in various types of commercial and industrial activities. These shelves are designed to store and handle pallets in a safe and organized way, offering a number of significant advantages. suitable for a variety of business types and industries. Here are some examples:

• Logistics and distribution industry.
Pallet racking is essential in warehouses and distribution centers, where products are temporarily stored before being delivered to customers. These shelves allow efficient organization and management of stock, facilitating fast loading and unloading of pallets.

• Retail and e-commerce.
For retail stores and e-commerce businesses, pallet racking is ideal for storing and displaying products. They allow the organization and presentation of various types of goods, such as food, electronics, garments or furniture.

• Food industry.
Food warehouses and factories benefit from conventional pallet racking for safe storage of perishable products, such as food packaged in cans or bottled. These shelves ensure quick accessibility and proper hygiene to keep produce fresh and in optimal condition.

• Production and manufacturing.
In manufacturing and manufacturing, pallet racking is used to store materials and components needed in the production process. They help to efficiently organize workflow and timely supply of materials.

• Construction industry.
In construction, conventional pallet racking is used to store and transport building materials such as brick, tile or wood. These shelves facilitate safe handling and transportation of heavy and bulky materials.

• Pharmaceutical industry.
For warehouses and factories in the pharmaceutical industry, pallet racking is essential for storing and managing medicines and pharmaceuticals. They provide adequate safety, accessibility and hygiene for temperature-sensitive products and special storage conditions.

These are just a few examples of commercial activities and industries where conventional pallet racking is successfully used. In general, any business that involves storing and handling products on pallets can benefit from using these efficient and flexible storage systems.

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