Pallet storage systems

Drive-in shelving systems

The Drive-In shelving system is designed for storing homogeneous products.
It is the best solution when you want to store a large number of pallets for each SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) in the warehouse.

The Drive-In shelving system makes better use of the available area and warehouse height than any other pallet storage system. The installation consists of a set of shelves and interior loading aisles with supporting rails for pallets

Material handling machines enter the interior aisles with their load. Material-handling machines must carry cargo to a height greater than the level at which it must be unloaded.

The Drive-in shelving system is made of extremely robust materials, which makes it possible to store very heavy and fully loaded pallets.

Advantages of the drive-in shelving system

• Due to the way they are designed, Drive-in Racks systems allow storing a large number of homogeneous products;
• Maximizing space utilization – better use of available area and available warehouse height than any other system;
• Storage by accumulation: the most suitable system for working with the LIFO principle (Last In, First Out);
• Drive-in racks allow pallets with the same SKU to be stored in a single loading lane.
• The drive-in shelving system is ideal for products with expiration dates or limited shelf life. Pallets with similar products can be stored in the order of expiration, allowing easy stock rotation and reducing the risk of products expiring.

What types of businesses is the drive-in shelving system from Warehouse Design Systems suitable for?

The drive-in shelving system is widely used and is suitable for a number of businesses, commercial and industrial activities involving the storage and management of a large number of similar products.

• Warehouses with large stocks.
The drive-in shelving system is ideal for warehouses handling large volumes of similar products such as beverages, food or household items. This system allows dense and efficient storage of products, minimizing space use and maximizing storage capacity.

• Production and manufacturing.
In production and manufacturing, the drive-in shelving system is used to store finished materials and products before they are delivered or processed at later stages. This maximally streamlines workflow and facilitates optimal stock management, allowing easy handling of pallets with similar products.

• Automotive industry.
Both the production of automotive components and the sale of spare parts for cars involve the storage and management of a large number of similar products. The drive-in shelving system allows quick storage and access to pallets of auto parts, ensuring efficient inventory management and a faster delivery process for customers.

• Distribution and logistics.
Logistics and distribution companies handling a wide variety of similar products can benefit from the drive-in racks system. It facilitates temporary storage of products before they are delivered to customers or other destinations, allowing easy handling and efficient management of storage space.

• Retail and e-commerce.
For retail stores and e-commerce businesses that need large stocks of similar products, the drive-in shelving system provides an efficient storage solution. This system allows dense storage of products behind the store or in distribution centers, ensuring a constant flow of supply and rapid availability of products for customers.

Commercial and industrial activities in which the drive-in shelving system is suitable are much more. Overall, this system is ideal for any business that manages a large volume of similar products and requires dense and efficient storage to maximize storage capacity.

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