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Light bi block shelving system

The light bi block shelving system is a medium load capacity system for containers or bulk goods (up to 6.5 tons for each vertical frame and 800 kg for each shelf), when the load is evenly distributed.

The system is made of galvanized steel elements: frames; Beams; shelves;
It is used for manual lifting of products of medium weight. It can be supplemented with walkways to obtain multifunctional installations for intensive use, also in combination with automatic systems.

image of light bi block shelves

Advantages of the light bi block shelving system

• With this system you can store medium and heavy loads;
• The frames have a load capacity of up to 6.5 tons when the load is evenly distributed;
• This shelving system saves space for storing non-standard items;
• Adaptable to the specific needs of the client;
• Quick and easy to assemble;
• Excellent mobility.

What types of businesses is the Light BI Block shelving system suitable for?

This system has been developed and improved by specialists and companies in the field of logistics and storage, with the aim of providing an efficient and adaptable solution for business needs.
Light BI Block combines concepts and technologies from the field of shelving and storage systems, emphasizing modularity, ease of use and space efficiency.

Due to its innovative features and advantages, the Light BI Block shelving system has gained popularity among businesses looking for efficient storage and space optimization solutions.

It is suitable for a wide range of businesses thanks to its flexible and adaptable features. This modular and lightweight shelving system is ideal for the following types of businesses:

• Retail and retail trade.
The Light BI Block shelving system is suitable for stores and points of sale that need an efficient product storage and display solution. Whether clothes, shoes, household items or other consumer goods, this system can be adapted to meet the specific needs of each store.

• Warehouses and distribution centers.
For businesses managing warehouses and distribution centers, the Light BI Block shelving system offers an optimal solution for storing and organizing goods. This modular system allows flexible configuration of shelves to suit various sizes and weights of stored products.

• Food and beverage industry.
Due to its hygiene and safety features, this system is perfectly suited for warehouses and production facilities in the food and beverage industry. It can be used to store food, beverages, packaging and other materials necessary in the production process.

• Pharmaceutical and medical industry.
In the pharmaceutical and medical industries, where precise product handling and storage is required, the Light BI Block shelving system can be an excellent solution. It allows easy organisation and access to medicines, pharmaceuticals and medical equipment, ensuring efficient and safe stock management.

• The electronics and technological equipment industry.
Thanks to its flexibility and adaptability, the Light BI Block shelving system also fits into the electronics and technology equipment industries. It can be used to store and organize electronic components, technological equipment and accessories, contributing to the efficient management of these sensitive products.

• Auto industry.
The system can be used to store and organize automotive spare parts and other products related to the automotive industry.

Light BI Block is a versatile system. As we have seen, it is suitable for businesses in various industries, The above are just a few examples of industries where the Light BI Block system can be successfully implemented. With its modularity and flexibility, this system can be adapted to meet the specific requirements of each industry and business, regardless of the nature of their activity.

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