Pallet storage systems

Mobile shelving system

The mobile shelving system is one of the most efficient storage solutions, offering increased capacity and direct access to each pallet.

These pallet racks are mounted on movable bases, which easily move on rails fixed in the floor, creating an access aisle only in the required area.

Mobile bases are equipped with motors, electronic control systems and security devices, ensuring safe and efficient storage operations. Mobile shelves are placed in proximity to each other, ensuring maximum storage density.

1. Conventional shelving system

2. Mobile shelving system

3. Mobile shelving system

Advantages of the mobile shelving system

The main advantages of the mobile shelving system are as follows:

• Maximum space efficiency.
The storage system with movable shelves allows an access corridor to be opened only where necessary, at the push of a button or by using a remote control. Thus, the other shelves remain compact and close, saving space and maximizing storage capacity in the same volume.

• Free movement of material handling machines.
The rails on which the movable rack bases move are integrated into the warehouse floor, without affecting the free maneuvers of trucks and material handling machines used in the warehouse. The width of the working corridor can be adjusted depending on specific requirements.

• Flexibility and control.
The movable shelving system provides excellent operating freedom for material handling machines. Access lanes can be opened and closed quickly and precisely, depending on storage needs. Operators can manage the system remotely, using remote control or other control devices.

• Adaptability to specific needs.
The mobile shelving system can be adapted to the specific requirements of your business. From the width and height of the shelves to the size of the access corridor, you can customize the system to perfectly fit your storage needs.

What types of businesses is the mobile shelving system from Warehouse Design Systems suitable for?

The mobile shelving system is increasingly popular and is an excellent solution for optimizing space and increasing storage capacity. This system ensures highly efficient control and flexible operation of material handling machines. Businesses in various fields of activity can fully benefit from the advantages of using mobile shelving systems. Here are just a few of them:

• Warehouses and distribution centers.
The mobile shelving system is ideal for warehouses and distribution centers that handle large volumes of products and need high storage capacity. This includes food warehouses, pharmaceutical warehouses, logistics centers and general warehouses.

• Food industry.
Food businesses such as restaurants, supermarkets, food and beverage manufacturers can benefit from the mobile shelving system for efficient food storage. It allows quick and easy access to food, ensuring efficient stock rotation and reducing the risk of spoilage.

• Electronics industry.
Manufacturers and distributors in the electronics industry can use the mobile shelving system to store and manage electronic components, equipment and finished products. This system allows easy organization and access to electronic products, ensuring their proper protection and handling.

• Auto industry.
Both car manufacturers and car service centers can benefit from the mobile shelving system for storing and organizing car components, spare parts and equipment. This allows efficient inventory management and quick access to necessary parts during assembly or repair.

Retail stores, including those in fashion, sportswear, home appliances and more, can use the mobile shelving system to store and display products in an efficient and appealing way. It allows flexible and personalized arrangement of products, optimizing available space and facilitating customer access.

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