Pallet storage systems

Shelf system for live storage

Live storage racking systems for palletized loads are compact structures with built-in roller rail sections.

They are placed on an inclined aisle to allow pallets to slide. The pallets are placed at the highest part of the rolling section and move through the forces of gravity at low speed to the other side of the rack, where they remain until they are ready to be removed.

This minimizes the time required for certain operations and saves workspace. Live storage racking systems allow a perfect rotation of stored products, applying the FIFO system. This makes them perfect for storing perishable and fast-rotating products.

Advantages of the live storage racking system

• Optimal rotation of stored items and SKUs, using the FIFO method;
• Maximizing the capacity of the available surface of the warehouse;
• Perfect control of goods;
• Possible integration of the Pick to Light system;
• Minimum time for order preparation;
• Large variety of items at the front of the shelf.

What types of businesses is the Warehouse Design Systems live storage shelving system suitable for?

The live storage shelving system was invented by SSI SCHAEFER, one of the world’s largest and most innovative manufacturers of warehousing equipment and logistics solutions. Founded in 1937 in Germany, SSI SCHAEFER has developed and implemented numerous innovative technologies and systems to optimize warehouse space and streamline logistics operations.

The shelving system for live storage is based on the FIFO (First-In, First-Out) principle, which ensures efficient management of perishable stocks or with a limited expiration date. This system allows products to be introduced and extracted in the order in which they were received, thus avoiding their expiration or deterioration.

The live storage shelving system suits a wide spectrum of activities dealing with the management of perishable products or those requiring a controlled environment. Here are some examples of areas for which this shelving system is particularly suitable:

• Food industry.
This shelving system is essential for warehouses and distribution centers dealing with perishable food products such as fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy or bakery products. Live storage shelves ensure a constant temperature and a controlled environment, keeping produce fresh and of high quality.

• Pharmaceutical and medical industry.
For the storage of medicines, vaccines and other temperature-sensitive medical products, shelves for live storage are especially important. They ensure precise control of temperature and humidity, protecting the integrity and efficacy of pharmaceuticals.

• Cosmetics and personal care products industry.
For cosmetics, perfumes or other personal care items that require special storage conditions, the live storage shelving system provides a controlled and safe environment. It protects products from damage and keeps their properties intact.

• Horticultural and floristic industry.
The management of plants, flowers and other horticultural and floristic products requires a suitable environment. The shelving system for live storage ensures effective control of temperature, light and humidity, keeping products in optimal condition.

• Chemicals and hazardous materials industry.
For the safe storage of hazardous chemicals and materials, live storage shelves provide a controlled and protected environment against the risks associated with these products.

This was a short list of just a few examples of businesses and industries where the shelving system for live storage is extremely suitable. With its ability to provide a controlled environment and protect sensitive products, this system is ideal for any business for which proper and safe storage of products is indispensable.

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